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“We promise to encourage, motivate and inspire you to be stronger, healthier and happier… in body and mind.” Sam and Ash

With over 18 years combined experience in the fitness industry, Samantha Tank and Ashley Boorman have created a fitness community like no other! Working on physical and mental health, SMASH London fitness classes and personal training are high on motivation, super empowering, filled with amazing energy and, most importantly... fun! 

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SMASH fitness classes are unique, mindful and suitable for all levels! Each of the 19 classes have been designed by Sam and Ash to challenge you physically and mentally, with subtle work on mental health whilst you have fun getting sweaty and working your body hard! You will leave every SMASH class feeling stronger in body and mind and the positive energy will stay with you for days!



Mental well-being is something we take very seriously at SMASH London and every class will touch on ways to improve your mental health. We include regular gratitude exercises, have a different positive affirmation for each class and always end with our Mindful Minute. This will be a minute (or two!) after the cool down where we take a moment to focus on our breath as it slows down after an incredible workout. Our awesome SMASH community have said that the mindful minute really helps them to take the energy and strength from their workout in to the rest of their day - you should come and try it!


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We send out once-weekly emails to our SMASH community and these include a mix of personal stories, ways to improve your mental and physical health as well as any important announcements about what’s coming up at SMASH London! Just like our classes, we aren’t shy about talking about our mental well-being and how we can strengthen it with some focus and work - it’s exactly the same as exercising to improve our physical strength! You do not have to attend classes or Personal Training to receive our emails so, to learn more about how you can be more mindful and strengthen your mental well-being, subscribe today!


Meet the Team

SMASH London was created in 2017 when friends and work colleagues Sam and Ash decided to create a brand new class that would focus on physical and mental health in equal measure. Click the link below to find out more about Sam and Ash and our amazing community of SMASH members!

Personal training

Personal Training is a great way to improve your mental and physical health. We will work closely with you to ensure you are able to reach your goals or intentions - whether it’s to run a marathon or just feel a little stronger and healthier. Training looks and feels different for each of us so your sessions will always be personal to you. This is your unique body and mind and it’s our job to help you start (or continue!) to love and respect it…even on the days when you may not feel that way. Personal Training with SMASH London is more than just turning up for a gym session!



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