Some of our classes!

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Who will you follow? Two choices, equally as challenging focusing on strength as well as HIIT.

High 5

5 rounds, 5 exercises, 5 minutes - using the step to get "high" combining more static moves with some good pulse raisers! 

The final countdown

Counting down your exercises! How quickly can you get through each round? What surprises do we have to throw into the mix?


The ultimate combo - Cross trainer intervals mixed with a 5 station circuit. Pushing you out of your comfort zone.


Everybody's favourite SMASH class. Return to the child version of yourself and PLAY! The aim is to have super fun, work as a team and finish feeling well worked and a little bit more in touch with your inner child!


Working you "hard" in the spin studio and killing your core in the studio. Combining some of your favourite classes to get you working hard! 

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Based on the 7 pillars of mindfulness we will work on strength and cardio fitness in the factor of 7!


Working with the sandbags, weight plates or bodyweight only... Each round of exercise is slightly shorter than the last - sounds simple? Just try and see why it's not!


The SMASH "greatest hits" one or two rounds of some of your favourite SMASH classes - a great taster of everything which flys by leaving you in a satisfied but sweaty heap by the end!