I am strong

Hi guys

Hope you are well and have had an amazing week!

Our week has been very fitness focused (even more so than normally!) because of the launch of Fit Brit 2017 in club, so we have had to use our positive affirmation of 'I am strong' to keep us focused and energised! In pairs, both of us have completed the workout…TWICE! We have tried to beat our previous time and will continue to do this because we are always trying to challenge ourselves and get even stronger!

We are going to be incorporating Fit Brit type exercises in to some of our classes over the coming weeks so that we can all train on the techniques together. We will then be asking some of you to pair up with one of us so that you can challenge yourself, but we will also see who can do it on their own - the ultimate challenge! Well done to Craig who was the first person from our community to try it on his own, he did a great job and knows what he needs to do to get better :)

What are you doing this weekend to challenge yourself? It doesn't have to be too difficult (although it is perfectly fine if it is!). Yesterday we told you that, when making breakfast, we both sometimes listen to positive affirmation videos that can be found on YouTube. These are a great way to set up your subconscious mind to be positive and strong :) Some of them are rubbish and will make you laugh, but you will find some that really inspire you. So, if you aren't sure how you can challenge yourself this weekend, why not give this a try tomorrow? If you find a good video then please share it with us and we can share out to the community.

You are strong guys!

Have a wonderful weekend filled with strength, smiles and hopefully sunshine!

Sam and Ash


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