I am successful

Happy Wednesday guys!

We hope you are enjoying your week and the rain isn't causing you too many problems. Remember, as one of our posts on Instagram said recently, you don't get a rainbow without some rain ;)

Our positive affirmation last week was 'I am strong' which we certainly proved in Monday's class when we smashed over 4000m on the rower - well done! And some of you have also taken part in the Fit Brit challenge and shown true grit and determination to get through it - you are really inspiring us :)

This week our positive affirmation is 'I am successful'. This is a phrase we tend not to say too much to ourselves because we almost imagine success as being defined by something like winning a medal or getting top grades in an exam. If you really thought about it I bet you could pick out success stories, both big and small, from every single day. You are successful and you must tell yourself this every day! Positive affirmations really do work as long as you continue to practise them.

 'I am strong'

'I am successful'

Try to spend one minute today and every day saying this to yourself, and then write it down somewhere so that it becomes even more 'real'.

See you on Friday at 1pm for another SMASH class!

Sam and Ashley

P.S. What are you grateful for today?


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