*SMASH* Happy 1st July

Morning guys!

Firstly, for those that came yesterday, we hope you aren't too sore from the workout 

Secondly, don't forget SMASH is also on Monday at 12:15pm! Be there for a different workout!

Thirdly….the first of the month is always a great time to reflect on the month before so, with that in mind, what were you grateful for last month? Try and think of 3 things and, if possible, write them down. Make them real. If you have more than three then just keep on writing them down - this is your list! This may help you to make some decisions as to how you can continue to be (or become) more successful and happy in July. 

Resolutions are always thought about as a 'New Year' thing but nothing is stopping you from making resolutions whenever you want, any day and any time of the year, so is there something you can commit to in July? If you aren't sure of what you would like to commit to, we will be focused on gratitude in class until the end of the month so maybe practising daily gratitude could be your July resolution or focus? 

We would love it if you were to email back and let us know if you are making any changes in July, or maybe continuing to do something that is working for you. We are always looking for new ways to challenge ourselves and keep us happy and healthy and we are inspired by YOU!

Have an amazing Saturday!

Sam and Ashley


For Body * For Mind * For Life