SMASH - what are you thankful for?

Hi guys, Sam and Ashley here! We hope you are having a great week so far :)

We have been talking about gratitude since the launch of SMASH and have asked you to try to practise this on a daily basis. How have you been finding this? Hopefully our emails are a good reminder but if you are struggling to do it daily, here are some ideas that may help -

1. Make a list before/after bed.

2. Use an app that will send you reminders - our favourite is the Calm app but there are many out there so find one that works for you.

3. Choose something you see every day that can be a visual reminder. such as your favourite coffee mug or an action you do every day such as brushing your teeth. Use this time to practise gratitude.

4. Set an obscure alarm. It is best to choose a completely random time such as 17:08pm, which Sam uses as it is the date of her birthday (hint hint). When this alarm goes off you know it is time for gratitude practise :)

5. Check the SMASH instagram/facebook pages daily to remind yourself of the vision of our class. 

Hopefully these suggestions may help but maybe you have ideas you would like to share with us that we can pass on to the community?

Last week we had a running theme in SMASH. If this is something you would like to expand further, we will be doing the Finsbury ParkRun this Saturday at 9am. It's a weekly timed 5k run which happens all over the world, and Sam has been bringing some of our members together to try these runs recently, even if they haven't raced before. This week, Ashley is also joining in for the first time! All you need to do is register to get your barcode, which they will scan to get your time, at and meet us at the entrance of Finsbury Park next to Lidl (Seven Sisters Road) at 8:40am this Saturday 15th July. This will be a fun event that will start your weekend the best way possible, looking after your body and mind!

See you on Friday at 1pm for the next SMASH class, it will be a good one as always!

Sam and Ashley


For Body * For Mind * For Life

P.S. Our tip of the week is to stay hydrated! Last weekend Sam had the honour of keeping the Bride hydrated at the wedding she attended. Ashley on the other hand, didn't drink enough water on the plane home from holiday and suffered mild dehydration the rest of the weekend :( So drink lots of water, especially when/if the weather gets better again!