SMASH your Saturday

Happy Saturday guys. We hope your week has been as awesome as ours and hopefully you found our HIIT workout useful yesterday.

Today we are attending the wedding of one of our favourite colleagues along with some of our other friends and workmates. It makes us realise how thankful we are to be working with some amazing people and to get the chance to spend some social time with them.

In our adult lives most friends are made through work so just take a moment to reflect on your own workplaces, current or past, and the people you met there. What friends have you made through work? Who has been there for you? Can you let them know how grateful you are for them? We have been reaching out to our favourite people this week to let them know how thankful we are and the response has been really heartfelt so we really urge you try and do the same :)

Have an amazing weekend filled with gratitude for all the good things you have in your life, and even for the moments yet to come....

Sam and Ashley
For Body * For Mind * For Life