You are STRONG

Hey Smash crew, happy August to you all :)

The start of a new month brings the opportunity to create some new goals and a new focus. We are doing meat free Monday throughout August. What can you challenge yourself to do? It could be diet related such as giving up processed sugar or ensuring every day you get your 5-8 portions of fruit and veg. It could be lifestyle focused like aiming to compliment someone every day. Maybe you need to focus on work and setting aside an additional 5 minutes in your morning to make a list of daily tasks to complete by the end of the day works for you. Whatever it may be, set yourself that challenge now :)

August also brings a new focus for our community. Don't worry, we will still touch upon gratitude but this month our SMASH classes and emails will be focusing on the power of positive affirmations.

An affirmation is a positive statement which you tell yourself (or somebody else) to bring positivity into your life. A basic example is when greeting a friend and you compliment them on how they look – this is an affirmation in itself and it will give the recipient a nice positive glow! We find it slightly trickier to compliment ourselves so sometimes it is best to repeat general positive affirmations and this week we are starting with -

"I am strong"

We have seen all of you in our classes and know this to be true. We also guess that all of you (like us) will probably admit that at times your journey to this point of your life may not have been easy or smooth, but you are here because you are strong. You look after your body because you are strong. You look after your mental well-being because you are strong.

We’ll see you Friday at 1pm for more SMASH! It is going to be the best one yet!

You are strong!

Sam and Ashley

For Body * For Mind * For Life