No Day but Today!

Morning everyone!


September has arrived and with it comes our new focus for the month -  No Day But Today!


Mindfulness is very much about focusing on the present moment and what you have control of right now, so throughout September we will be talking a lot about how we can all be more mindful about not dwelling on the past or worrying too much about the future. Our past is a reminder of the amazing journey we have had so far and our future is waiting to surprise us - by living in the present moment and focusing on what you can control today, you will influence the incredible things waiting for you tomorrow.


Ask yourself now, what can you do to ensure today is the best it can be? What is in your control? What can you influence? Whatever it is, do it! 


We will be sharing lots of quotes this month so if you know any that really reflect our focus for September please do share them with us for to send out to the community 


We both hope you have an amazing Saturday and hope to see you at 12:15pm on Monday for another SMASH class!


Have fun, rest, learn, smile, laugh. But most importantly, whatever you choose to do today, whatever will make your Saturday exactly what you need, live for today.


Sam and Ashley


P.S. Anyone else aching from yesterday's class??! 



For Body * For Mind * For Life

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