SMASH Affirmations

Good evening guys!


We hope you are having a succesful and rewarding week so far? We have both been very busy with work and preparing for the 80's themed spin class on Friday evening to celebrate Sam's birthday! Are any of you coming? If so, remember that the class starts at 6:15pm and is one hour! It is going to be amazing and will definitely be a fun way to start your weekend 


We are half way through our positive affirmations focused month and today we launch the next in our series -


'I am in control'


We chose this because every decision you make to become a healthier, fitter and happier version of yourself is showing that you are in complete control. Try to keep this in mind whenever life throws a curveball at you, as it alwasy will. You are in control at all times over how you react, treat others and treat yourself.


You are in control.

You are successful.

You are strong.


Take the time to remind yourself of this every morning, preferably as early as possible to set the right intentions for the day. Try using a regular reminder such as when you clean your teeth or have your first cup of coffee. And while you are doing this, why not end with something you are grateful for....


As always, thank you for bringing all of your energy and passion to our classes, we hope to see as many of you as possible on Friday at 1pm for another SMASH class!


And don't forget 80's spin at 6:15pm, also this Friday!


Much love and respect,


Sam and Ashley



For Body * For Mind * For Life