I am in Control

Hey all, Sam here hoping you are all having a great weekend.


Here is this weeks positive affirmation reminder of:


"I am in control"


Control is something that we can feel that we lose during times of stress, or when under pressure. 


As I've mentioned previously; I used to have a problem with alcohol as well as being a big binge eater and it was explained to me that one of the reasons I did this to myself was that no matter what was going on; these habits were my own - they were my addictions and nobody elses. They were a negative pattern that only I could control when I felt like the rest of my life was just happening around me. 


Being sober for 8 and a half years now and practising mindfulness to control my eating habits have me overall in control of my life. I now feel that life isn't something that just happens to me, it is something I can experience, something I can direct myself and something I am in control of. 


Whatever is happening in your life right now, whether it is this year, this month, this week or right now, today... YOU are in control, YOU are the one who decides how you feel, how you react to situations and how YOU want to live your life.


Enjoy your weekend and we both look forward to seeing you on Monday at 12.15pm



Sam and Ashley




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