Happy Thursday!

Hi all it's Sam here! Apologies for the delay in your Wednesday email - I've been so productive this week, getting so much done, that even though I wrote the email whilst drinking my coffee yesterday morning, the physical act of sending it disappeared from my brain!


So this month "no day but today" is our focus.


A couple of the things that I've personally struggled with a few years ago, have been with my alcohol consumption and my eating habits; both of which I have been able to overcome by taking one day at a time. Anything can be achieved if you break it down into smaller tasks, rather than always thinking about the bigger picture. 


When I was drinking 3 bottles of wine a day, the idea of never drinking again really scared me, but living for each day at a time and knowing "today I'm not going to have a drink" - the same when I started eating better, made it a lot easier to cope with in my mind. This can be applied to many different things in our lives, be it big or small, and it became a bit of a mantra to me over the years; pushing me out of my comfort zone to do more things "just for today".


What goals do you have? It might be goals in general life, it might be goals for the year it might even just be goals for this week. What can you do TODAY that will help you get towards that goal?


Next week we are launching a 30 minutes SMASH HIIT class which will be at 5:45 on a Monday evening. We will still be doing our usual 45 minutes on a Monday at 12:15pm and on Friday at 1 pm. We will also be taking over Thursday night spin at 7pm... so very exciting times ahead! 


For now, see you this Friday at 1pm


Sam and Ashley


For Body  For Mind For Life