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No Day But Today continues and today we would like to talk about Pausing. 


In mindfulness we talk about pausing as an opportunity to take a moment to just stop what you are doing, relax, breathe and be calm. Our minds are constantly on the go and it can feel like 'busy busy busy busy busy' is continuously flowing through our brains, convincing us that we don't have the time to stop and reset....


Today, we want to explain how you can pause and enjoy the present moment. Throughout your day you will have many times where an opportunity to pause will present itself to you. Moments like these for example -


When you just miss the tube and have to wait 2 minutes for the next one.


When your laptop takes a minute to boot up. 


When the kettle is boiling. 


When you close your eyes once your head hits the pillow.


If you add up all the times a pause opportunity is presented to you, you will see that you probably have up to an hour a day where you can squeeze in short bursts of mindfulness. At these times you should focus on your breath, close your eyes if possible (but not essential) and concentrate on you. Just you. If you want to repeat positive affirmations then go for it! If you want to list in your head all the things you are grateful for today, do it! Or just be calm and focus on the breath moving in, and flowing out. The calming breath. The nourishing breath. 


We are all busy bees (yes, we just said busy bees ) but when a moment to pause presents itself, seize it! These moments can make all the difference...


See you on Monday at 12:15pm or 5:45pm for the first ever SMASH HIIT class!


Sam and Ashley


P.S. You probably have a minute now to pause... go for it :)



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