Seasons changing


Hey all, Sam here... happy Saturday and a big welcome to any new email subscribers!


We hope you are feeling good today. Both myself and Ashley have one of those rare quiet weekends where we can take time to chill at home; he is able to spend quality time with his fiance, while I am finally able to finish unpacking and spend time with my housemates!


Yesterday, the 22nd September was officially the first day of Autumn. I've noticed this week especially a lot of friends and clients have been feeling "off"... low energy or slightly ill - I've personally found it particularly difficult getting up at 5am every morning. I believe a lot of this is down to the changing of season - the weather is noticeably chillier, and the mornings are a lot darker. 

So how can we make this transition a little more positive? 


Changing seasons is a good time to make changes in our lives... think about what positive changes you can make in yours? 


Is it a change in habit? - For me, I probably need to cut back on the amount of coffee I have to get me through the day... 

Is it a change in your thinking patterns? - Maybe you have a colleague or associate who annoys you for no particular reason - can you accept them for who they are and make peace with the annoyances?

Is it a bigger change in life such as your living situation, your relationships or your workplace?


The seasons remind us that change is necessary to grow, learn and live life to the full. Use this change as a reminder to reconfirm your own values and decide what is needed to be truly happy and content. Remember; you are in control. 


Next week is also the final week of September, and so using this months focus of "no day but today" - have a think about what you can do today to make this next week seem less dark and dreary as you get up for work. 


Remember that the easiest way to get some clarity is to take a few deep breaths and take a 10 minute walk in the fresh air. Summer is over - lets accept it and look forward to those crunchy autumnal leaves... My favourite season!! 


Enjoy your weekend!!



Sam & Ashley


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