Are you comfortable?!

Good morning and happy Wednesday – Sam here! 


How have you been finding our new focus? Have you done anything this week that has made you push your comfort zone? If not – do not despair – there are still a few days to go, and a challenge for you at the end of this email…

I have many many stories about getting out of my comfort zone, but I’ll try to reign it in a little and tell you a little more specifically about my fitness journey.


As I mentioned before I used to be a big drinker - so much so that I gained around 3 stone over 3 months towards the end. I was always a "big" girl, but the alcohol and associated junk food lifestyle made me dangerously overweight and at my biggest I was 16 stone (around 100kg). After finally making the much-needed decision to never drink again, I started enjoying life and making friends, but the weight stayed the same. It came to a point where I was getting back pain all the time, so I went to see the doctor who recommended working on my core and trying yoga! 


I joined the gym in the village just outside of Swindon where I lived at the time, and to say I was daunted at the prospect was an understatement - in my head everybody there was an expert already - they were all regulars and had to be super fit...  what if I couldn’t do the exercises? what if I was the biggest person there? What if people laughed at me? it turned out - people are not that expert and are not that mean (and as I've learnt more and more, the people that are that mean usually have their own issues that they need to look at!).


I started with body balance (a combo of yoga and Pilates); and as I gained my confidence I started adding more classes... each new class gave me "the fear" of doing something I hadn't tried before. I started making gym class friends, who then invited me to other new classes, and before I knew it I was one of the regulars! Soon enough the weight started dropping off and then running entered the picture. I really hated running but with my new zest for trying new things and pushing my body I gave it a go - and of course as you all know by now I’m pretty addicted to running!!


Becoming a personal trainer and class instructor then became my new push outside of my comfort zone – I remember my first spin class I felt manic! But remembering how I felt participating in my first spin class helped me become a better instructor (I hope!).


So now for your challenge. Next year we want YOU guys to join us for a 10k run. A few of you have said you are up for it so now is the time to book – we will be doing the VITALITY 10k. It will be on the bank holiday Monday at the end of May and the link to book/find out more info is below (there is also currently an early bird offer). There is more than enough time to train, and we will be helping you along the way with SMASH runs and training guidance… so – stop being so comfortable and sign up now!!!!


Sam & Ashley


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