Challenge yourself...

Hi everyone, Ashley here 


The end of November is nearly upon us, which also means our month's focus of 'no limits' is coming to an end - although obviously it is something we will always talk about to some degree in SMASH! Now is a great time to reflect on the month and recognise the achievements and progress you have made. Why not take 5 minutes out of your day to list every way you felt you pushed past barriers and stretched your comfort zone in November.


We have a challenge for you...


As both Sam and I are away in New York for my wedding (eeek!), there will be no SMASH classes next week. Don't worry, we have arranged for some other classes to take place to keep you busy but the challenge is for you to also try a class you have never done before. It could be Boxing or Shred, RPM or Body Pump. Maybe Hot Yoga (suitable for all levels) to really get the mind and body in sync with each other - trust us, you will feel amazing afterwards! Alternatively, if you can't make a class, could you do your own workout on the gym floor using lots of the exercises we have used in SMASH the past few months? Sam and I will be about until the end of this week so if you would like any class suggestions, please ask!


If you are part of our community but unable to get to Fitness First Angel, could you try a class somewhere else? Maybe an outdoor bootcamp training session or a swim? 


This month has been about stretching our comfort zone and breaking down barriers, why not take that message in to December and do something you have never done before...


Enjoy the rest of your week and we hope to se you on Thursday or Friday 


Sam & Ashley


P.S. Have you signed up for the Vitality London 10k race yet? Training starts in January ready for the race at the end of May. Challenge yourself!


For Body  For Mind  For Life