Christmas Reflections...

Hey Lovely Smash-Crew and happy limbo-zone-period-of-christmas! This is Sam typing and… I can confirm that it is indeed Wednesday!

How was your Christmas? This year Ash and his Husband have been in Canada; and I decided to spend mine “alone”…

For both of us, this is our favourite time of year; it makes people happy and excited and everything smells amazing! – however both myself and Ash agree that once it comes to Christmas day it feels a bit “meh” – like it’s all over already.

Reflecting over previous Christmases I realise my family have never really had traditional “this is Christmas” Christmases… with our extended family being dotted around the country; and the last few years since moving out of my ex’s house I’ve been inviting myself around friends or family houses for the “big” Christmas day…

This year I decided to do my own thing, and in fact do something nice for my Brother… so have been cat/house sitting for him. I went to see the family for Christmas Eve, where there were games, food and many laughs – exactly what this season is all about! Christmas Day I was woken by a hungry cat at 8am and made myself a beautiful keto-friendly breakfast whilst watching a musical (Billy Elliot); then drove to see my Dad who lives in a nursing home in Harrow – usually I am a little more pressed for time but this time I brought him a musical for us to watch together (Jersey Boys) and we had some quality time with each other.

Getting back home I planned to open my gifts (I had been truly spoilt) whilst cooking my chicken, but had calls to take and make to friends and family… my dinner again was keto friendly but still incredibly tasty (yay to me!) and before I knew it, it was 7pm before I did my presents!!

The rest of the evening involved more messages and more musicals, and all in all was a fun, chilled and happy day. The only low point was getting a gift of a chocolate making experience for one… I couldn’t decide whether it was sadder that I’m not eating chocolate anymore or that it was an experience for one!! 

Joking aside; Christmas is a perfect time for reflection, whether you are spending it alone, spending it with your loved ones, or spending it with people you would rather not be around for a whole day! No matter what life had thrown in my direction I have always been lucky enough to have people in my life that care for me and welcome me with open arms and open hearts… and I also feel lucky enough to be able to keep my own company without going insane!

Have a reflect now of what are your personal highlights for this time of year? Do you have traditions that you do just “because”? Were you working? Did you discover a new tradition? Or do you enjoy a good relax and time away from the norm?

Enjoy the last few days of 2017 and you will hear from Ash on Saturday with his reflections!

OOH and don’t forget that SMASH is here on Friday as usual at 1pm… join Ash for guaranteed fun and a true calorie burner!



Sam & Ashley


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