Every week is a holiday

Hey guys Sam here. Sorry for the late Saturday email... I've totally lost track of what day it is!


I arrived home from holiday yesterday with minimal delays and Ash and his new husband got home today. New York was amazing all in all; so big, bright and full of things to do!


How has your week been? Have you been using our focus as yet? After a holiday it is normal to reflect on the highlights, the best experiences, favorite foods and what we did with our time - What if we looked back at every week in the same way? What did you do last week that you really enjoyed? What did you maybe miss out on but could do next week? How about the last few weeks?


Reflections can cover the shortest or longest possible time and help us to learn from where we have been in order to make any necessary changes to what is to come. 


One of the things you may have missed is our SMASH classes - don't worry we are both BACK on a normal schedule for the next week... come show us your love on Monday, Thursday or Friday! 


Tomorrow I will complete my final race of 2017 - after challenging myself to running 12 races over 12 months this has ended up being race number 13 - expect a full reflection on my year of running in a later email!!



Sam & Ashley


For Body  For Mind  For Life