Feel in control...

Hi everyone, Ashley here! 


I am sending this a little earlier than normal as I am off to spend the weekend with my amazing Mum back home in Worcestershire! As I am off to Toronto for the festive period, this will be my Christmas weekend with my family, as well as a chance for me to share photos of the wedding 


Reflection is our focus for December so I wanted to talk about the physical reflection we see every day. Having worked in the fitness industry for 12 years now I am well aware that the reason for most people coming to the gym in general is because they want to look fit and healthy - they want to look their best. The feeling we get from being healthy is often looked at as an 'added extra', although I have always said that if everyone came to the gym to feel great, they would soon start to look great too! However, I am aware that the way we look is important to most of us and that this is a driving factor as to why we workout when we do. With this in mind I wanted to share some advice for the festive period...


Be MINDFUL! Eat, drink and be merry - whatever that means to you! It is so important for our mind that we allow ourselves to have treats, even if they are rather unhealthy, just make sure that every meal you have is consumed with a sense of mindfulness. Enjoy your favourite chocolate, eat those roast potatoes and drink those glasses of wine at the Christmas party - just be mindful. Mindful of your limits. Mindful of 'Is this really worth the extra calories'. Mindful of all the work you have put in to achieving a healthy body and mind this year. I promise that once you start to really think about what you eat and drink, not only will you really enjoy those treats, you will start to make sensible decisions too. We have all fallen off the bandwagon at some time or another but the trick here is not to allow the devil on your shoulder to take over. One or two bad food days, or an overly excessive night out, does not have to mean it lasts a week or two... or five! Be mindful of the power you have to make sensible choices and enjoy the treats you mindfully consume - you will feel in control!


Look at your reflection and really appreciate all the work you have put in this year to be the best you can be. Maybe, when reflecting on this year, you think you could do more to be the better you? Maybe 2017 was your healthiest year yet?! We are all on a different journey but one thing is for sure, we all want to be healthy! So, after reading this, go and look at your reflection and congratulate yourself for the work you have done this year to be fit, strong and healthy. Sam and I have witnessed first hand how amazing a lot of you have been, and some of you have also been brave enough to share your struggles with us so we know it hasn't always been easy. But you are doing it. You are reading this email and I know you want to feel amazing. We are born with one body and one mind - look after it with all that you have so you can enjoy all the yummy food and drink this world has to offer 


Be Mindful


Sam and Ashley


P.S. Don't forget to pick up the Christmas class timetable at reception!



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