Hey all, Sam here again - happy Saturday!


Today is Ashley's stag do (hence the title!) - he is already at his best man’s house getting ready and I'll be meeting them soon for a day of fun fun fun!


This evening we will be having a proper cheesy boogie with a Girls Aloud theme club night and I'm sure the Groom-to-be is going to be having a more than a few cheeky beverages (as to be expected!).


For me; nights out used to be very stressful occasions and really put me out of my comfort zone – maybe surprisingly even more so when I was a drinker!


Back when I was a 17/18-year-old northerner, me and my "friends" would go out every weekend into Manchester city centre and it would always always end in drama. I would always be in charge of sorting out any problems that came up; usually centering around somebody’s boyfriend getting arrested/beaten up/hospitalized for taking too many drugs! So, I discovered that alcohol helped make the drama more bearable… Lots and lots of alcohol!! Once I finished college, I moved down south to get away from the people I once called friends, but nights out still left me with the same fears – I made new friends who invited me out but getting trashed before leaving the house became a normal way to “cope” with the unknown; and eventually after many years of abusing alcohol I found myself friendless and mostly drinking alone!!


Flash forward to 2010… I’d been sober for a year and I went to my first ever Glastonbury festival – with people I had only recently become friends with and where I then met some of my now closest friends. I really had to push the limits of my comfort zone to meet people and to party 100% sober for 5 whole days… and it was the best 5 days of my life! – Since then (and 4 Glastonbury’s later), nights out have been the best fun… letting loose and having a good boogie like nobody is watching is the best feeling! The cheesier the better!! The best thing is that most of the others are drunk anyway so who cares what the sober one looks like - not to mention that most of the time I don't have to spend any money!! So tonight is going to be frikking epic!!


When we talk about pushing your limits and getting over barriers sometimes it hard to remember what we were ever scared of when it’s now just a normal part of our lives! What fears have you had to overcome in your lives? It's likely there are more than you think!


Enjoy your weekend and we shall see you on Monday!



Sam & Ashley


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