Good Morning from New York!

Hey all, Sam here messaging from a diner on the Upper West Side... I've just had my FIRST American breakfast! Pancakes, syrup, bacon, syrup, eggs, syrup, sausage and more syrup! 


I've been here 4 days and managed to stick to low carbs pre-wedding so this being my last full day my only goal is to experience as much American food as I can! (And re-gain the 3kg I left in the UK!)


Oh... did I mention there was a wedding?! So Ash is officially a married man - a double barrelled one at that. I'm sure he will talk about it in much more detail at some point but from a guest point of view the day was amazing! We met in Central Park; they married with the famous Bow bridge in the background - I'm pretty sure there was not a dry eye to be had. 


Post wedding we walked to the Tavern on the Green - a well known Central Park restaurant, for an amazing 3 course meal (including "highlight of the day" chocolate peanut butter lava cake). Speeches were done and as usual when it came to the thank you's from the grooms... Ash managed to take over and talk for the both of them!


From there we took a hummer limo down to a boat waiting to take us on a cruise around Manhattan island including past the Statue of Liberty a few times... this included another amazing 3 course meal as well as some christmassy entertainment. 


This month's focus being reflections I'll finish with just reflecting on how proud I am of Ash and Simon. I've only know Ash for about 2.5 years which is a relatively short time in comparison to some of the friends here; but in that time I know that I've found a friend for life. He is one of the most genuine people I've met, who has been such a good influence on my life and deserves so much happiness in his - congratulations guys you are truly meant for one another and I'm so proud, happy and honoured to have been part of your special day.


Now.... back to the carbs before I give them up again 


See you next week


Sam & Ash

For Body  For Mind  For Life