People come and go

Hey all Sam here... welcome to the weekend!


We are entering the final week of October and the final week with our main focus being gratitude. 


This week in particular we have been talking a lot about being thankful for the people in your past that have helped and supported you to get you to where you are today. It may be that the person isn't around anymore, or just isn't in your life. It might be that they are still there and still supporting you. Whoever it is have a think now and send them thanks; whether its just in your head; or contact them to tell them. One of the things I like to do is write the person a letter as if you are going to send it to them, but then you can destroy it. The act of putting things on paper is much more powerful than keeping it in your head.


The biggest supporter of Ash from childhood is his mother... he will be talking a lot more about that in a future email. Thankfully he is able to talk to his mum daily and tell her how grateful he is that she is in his life. One of my "secret" supporters is my little brother - we have never been super close but now we are grown ups he is always telling people about how amazing I am; giving me help when it comes to my work and when we spend time together we have good catch ups!
Sometimes people come and go from your life. While you know them it seems like you will have them around forever but it is not always the case... and that is OK.


One of the people I am very much thankful for is my ex-boyfriend, who I was with for 10 years. It's while I was with him that my issues with alcohol got to it's peak and I know for sure that without his support I wouldn't have been able to get through what I call my "rock bottom". After getting sober I changed so much, and really started living life and seeing what other challenges I could put myself through. After 10 years together I realised that our relationship was no longer healthy and so we parted ways. A year later; I left Swindon and left my job as a laboratory manager and traveled the world for a while. Coming back to a brand new career and creating SMASH with now one of my best-est friends makes me feel so thankful for being alive, which I may not have been I'd have continued drinking! Next year will be my 9 year sober anniversary and I always take a moment to thank the people who helped me at my biggest time of need. 


I'm not in contact with my ex anymore, but for most of those 10 years we were right for each other. We are both happy now in our own lives and there are many more people that have influenced and motivated me through the years, maybe without me or them even realising it. 


Who are you thankful for today? Send your gratitude and have a great weekend!   



Sam & Ashley


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