Reclaim your inner child...

Good morning all, Sam here wishing you a happy Wednesday!


Monday was international children's day - if you came to our SMASH class at lunchtime in particular you will know we had a lot of fun, and turned it into a bit of a playground (where of course my team won the tug of war!!). Children are a good inspiration for our "no limits" focus this month - a lot of the time kids have no barriers - there is no fear of failure, they see what they want to do and they just do it! 


We understand that life as an adult is usually about the more "grown up" aspects, but is there any way you can rediscover your inner child and set them free occasionally? Sometimes we need to remove the 'adult' barriers and dance like no one is watching...


As a kid I remember being super confident, full of energy and always wanting to be centre of attention when around friends or family... at some point through my teenage years I lost that confidence (as many teens do) - and it was while getting counselling for my drinking habits that I realised I'd lost my inner child. Some of our inner thoughts to ourselves are so harsh - it made me sad to imagine saying the same things to the child version of myself. 


Through the last few years of sobriety and reclaiming my life I've re-embraced my inner child and particularly in the last couple of years working in a place where I can truly be myself, has meant that I am able to have fun every day!


Similarly Ash was talking on Monday about how the child version of himself loved to perform and entertain - so much so that he went to performing arts school before entering the big world of gym management! From only January this year he discovered the joy in teaching classes - being able to use his confidence to stand in front of people to inspire and motivate, which has now become his new passion!  


From both of us rediscovering our inner child, SMASH was born! 


What did you want to be when you were a kid? Are there any aspects of your old dreams that you would be able to follow today? What barriers have you put in your way that can be worked upon?


Maybe your dream was to become the new Linford Christie (I'm showing my age here) - start with signing up for the Vitality 10k run next year with us!! 




Sam & Ashley


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