Hi guys


How are you today?


As some of you are aware, both of us practise mindfulness each day - often for just 10 minutes - and this week Sam hit 365 days in a row of meditating! We both use the Calm app to guide us but there are many apps out there, as well as books, about how you can practise mindfulness and we encourage you to look in to these. We cannot stress enough how much mindfulness has helped both of us think more clearly and react better to stressful situations that affect us all.


In yesterday's 10 minute "Daily Calm", we concentrated on our breath (as you always do in any meditation) and were reminded that our daily practise is helping to strengthen our mind and the way we react to any situation. This was compared to a tree in a storm (don't laugh!)... We often forget how big the roots are to trees, and also that the unseen roots are as important to the tree's survival as the tree itself. When a storm hits, no matter how shaken the tree may be, it will stay strong due to these well nurtured roots.


The Calm app is our favourite but we would love to hear from you if you have any other apps or books etc. that you use. If you don't practise mindfulness and would like to chat further about this then email us or speak to us in club.


We both hope you have a successful end to the week and are able take the steps needed to nourish your "roots", take care of yourself and enjoy the benefits that come with doing so ,


Sam & Ashley


For Body  For Mind  For Life