The tiniest of change

Hi everyone, Ashley here 


We are half way through November and our question to you is this - how have you lived our focus this month of 'No Limits'?


Sam and I have tried to push the limits in all of our SMASH classes this month, even more so than normal, because we know from the energy and strength that we witness every week just what you are capable of  And you have certainly delivered!


'No Limits' is not just about pushing ourselves physically though. Stretching our comfort zone and breaking down barriers always starts in the mind, so what can you do to test your limits there? Last Saturday I had my stag party and let my best friend Darren arrange the day for me. Normally I am what you would call a 'control freak' () so the thought of not being involved in the planning of my own stag party initially filled me with nerves and a sense of mild anxiety. Testing my own limits within my mind, I sat back and relaxed and trusted my closest friends. Needless to say I had the most amazing day filled with fun, excitement, love and aching cheeks from all the smiling 


How can you test the limits of your mind? What can you change? What comfort zone can you stretch? Sometimes the limits we need to test are small, but even the tiniest of change can have a big impact that positively ripples through to other areas in our lives...


Don't forget we are running the Vitality 10k race in London at the end of May next year! Training will start in January so that you will be ready to not only finish the race, but smash it! If your reaction to this is "hell no!", just as mine would have been this time last year, then ask yourself if you want to get stronger, fitter and have fun along the way training with Team SMASH? Yes? Then don't let reservations or doubts in your mind take over. Test your limits and break down the barriers. This time last year I made that commitment, and I haven't looked back...


Sign up and let us know once you have done so!



Sam & Ashley


P.S. Good luck to Sam who is running her 12th race of the year tonight!!


For Body  For Mind  For Life