Focus and Balance...

Happy New Year, from both of us!


Hope you enjoyed the festive period and are excited for the new year ahead 


2018 has arrived and all around us we are hearing 'new year, new you' messages... Whilst we don't disagree with this message, we talked about what we felt should be the SMASH focus for January and decided to shy away from the common January marketing blurb. Our focus for January is....




We chose this as we appreciate all of you are on a different journey - some will be looking to build further on foundations that already feel stable and strong. Some may need to make some minor 'remedial' work whereas some may be thinking of completely starting all over again! Wherever you are, we will do all we can to offer some advice and tips throughout January as to how you can ensure your foundations are as strong as they need to be to have the best 2018 possible - no matter what springs up along the way.


Last year we asked you to consider signing up to the Vitality 10k race in London at the end of May. Some of you have already signed up but for those of you who haven't, the entry price increases this Friday so register today or tomorrow! In order to build your running foundations we will be launching the running plan this Saturday for all those who have signed up, and for those who are still interested but want to practise a little first. Anyone can do this - no matter your level! We talked about taking yourself out of your comfort circle last week, this could be the first step you need in 2018! Trust us when we say that after race day, when you have experienced the camaraderie, support and endorphin rush, you won't regret it


You can do this 


We have started the work needed for our own foundations and have both selected a buzz word that we will keep in mind throughout the year -


Sam - FOCUS - with a little more focus I feel like I will achieve more and be more productive, not just professionally but also personally. Some of you may know I've been studying towards my degree with the Open University; however, before Christmas the amount of work I had to do, combined with other commitments I had taken on, saw me feeling a little more stressed than usual. Fortunately I've been able to stop any breakdowns by being mindful and taking the decision to re-start this years module in October; giving me a good few months to focus on my PT business, SMASH and other areas of my life. I will then be able to give added focus to my studies when I come back to them. Don't be afraid to make big decisions!


Ash - BALANCE - my 2017 was amazing because I stepped out of my comfort circle and put a lot of my thoughts in to action - teaching classes, SMASH, running, more mindfulness....getting married! This year I know I need to be a bit more balanced and have some more time to read, relax and do even more mindfulness! I will be channelling a lot of energy in to work and SMASH but as I spent a lot of time building my foundations in 2017, I feel confident that I can be a bit more balanced in 2018 by sensibly building on what has already been created. Last year I said yes a lot, this year I will not be afraid to say no (as long as I am doing it only because it serves my buzz word!).


What is your buzz word for 2018? As always, feel free to email back and let us know - we love hearing from you!


SMASH is back on Friday at 1pm and our usual schedule will continue from next week, see you soon!


Sam & Ashley


For Body  For Mind  For Life