It's all about you...

Hi everyone 


SMASH was born last June after we decided to create a class that was as much about mental health as physical health. Our community has grown to include our loyal class followers (and their friends on Fridays!) and also those of you who read our emails every Wednesday and Saturday and send such lovely feedback 

We are really impressed with the dedication and motivation we have seen from everyone and we hope that SMASH has helped improve your mental and physical health in some way, or another! 


This week we need your help so this email is all about... YOU!


Please could we ask that you email back and answer some questions for us  We want to grow the SMASH brand this year and need help from you to see what you love most about SMASH so that we can ensure we have the best classes and emails possible to keep you motivated, in body and mind. We would reallyappreciate it if you could take a few minutes to reply...


1. If you attend any SMASH classes, what has been your favourite class to date? (feel free to describe it if you don't remember the name!)


2. We like to focus on the mind as much as the body, would you be interested in seeing a 5-10 minute mindfulness based meditation added on to the end of the class (making the class 50 minutes)?


3. All SMASH classes on the Fitness First timetable are free for members but how much would you be willing to pay to attend a SMASH class if you were not a member?


4. We send emails to the community every Wednesday and Saturday. Has anything in particular we have sent in the past 6 months resonated with you or helped in any way?


5. What do you love most about SMASH?


Please be completely honest, we take all feedback constructively and rely on this to make sure SMASH is the best it can possibly be! All feedback is confidential and will not be shared with anyone else. Foundations is the focus for this month and as SMASH is still relatively young (only 6 months old!) we are still laying the foundations to the class itself. Feedback from those you respect and admire is a great way to reflect and improve and create strong foundations in general - this is why we are reaching out to you 


We hope to hear back from as many of you as possible, even if you just have a response for one or two questions!


Thanks in advance,


Sam and Ash



For Body  For Mind  For Life