Hi everyone!


We hope you have had a productive week filled with renewed energy and motivation for the year ahead 


Have you managed to think of a buzz word yet? FOCUS and BALANCE are ours and we have both been busy putting this in to practise already.


On Monday it will be 20 weeks until the Vitality 10k run so if you have signed up please let us know! If you haven't go to  


Exciting news!!! We will be launching a brand new class SMASH Run next Wednesday 10th at 12:15pm! 


This will be an easy class suitable for all levels - we will both be there on each run so that the pace will be good for everyone. For the moment the class will last around 30 minutes and we will also include tips on stretching and preparation for running and race day. The class is open to anyone who wants to try it so even if you haven't signed up to the race but want to start running, or get back in to running, come along! It will be a great workout and we promise you will see the benefits that running has on your physical and mental health.


For both of us, in the beginning, running was never considered an important part of fitness in our lives and we both had to start from scratch to lay good foundations to build upon. Whether you have never run a mile, or you have completed 10 full marathons, this running class is for you! It can be used as a your long run, as your "easy" run, or even as your social run and excuse to get some fresh air and clear the mind.


In addition to the class we will be giving our recommendations each week as to how often you should be running and what kind of distance to cover. Maybe you can find a buddy to be accountable to and commit to run together (when you are not in SMASH!) - Sam in particular has some free time during the day if anyone needed some extra encouragement and tips!


For now... start with Wednesday. 30 minutes - run/walk or jog. We will meet in the main studio at 12:15 and aim to leave at 12:20. Feel free to message us with any concerns or questions. 


Your 2018 running journey starts here!


Sam and Ashley


P.S. An important part of building foundations is getting enough rest. Whether you have been training consistently, or if you have just got back in to it, take the time to have at least a couple of rest days each week. Walking or stretching on these days (maybe some light yoga) is great but it is important not to stress your body and to allow it the time to rest and recover so that you stay strong physically, and mentally 


For Body  For Mind  For Life