Pass it on...

Hey all, 


Sam here today wishing you a happy weekend and a big hello to September!!


It seems that summer is coming to an end… We tend to get that “back to school” feeling at this time of the year bringing with it the push we need to make changes, let go of the things that are no longer serving us and to try new things.


One of the major changes at Fitness First Angel is that our Health and Fitness manager has left us to become a general manager at another Fitness First. Jamie has been such an inspiration for the SMASH team, motivating both of us to become the amazing instructors that we are today.


We know that this step up will be so good for him and even though he will be missed by everyone in Angel, we also know that we cannot be selfish and keep him ourselves when he can be great elsewhere.


Passing on something that is cherished to us is a great way to spread good vibes around! It is true for so many other things, whether it is a person, an object or the vocalisation of how you are feeling…


On Thursday I taught three spin classes – the first of the day being a semi-regular class where I have not yet gotten to know the participants; the second being a cover for my SMASH-mate Ash, who’s regulars clearly love his classes!! And the third being my usual evening class. I realised that even though I LOVED the first two classes, it was my final class of the day that I was looking forward to the most. 

Perhaps it was being back in my comfort zone with many familiar faces (as well as some newbies) but really made me feel that extra bit of excitement… and so I passed on that excitement and told them exactly how I was feeling!! Being honest and showing gratitude in that moment really boosted me and (hopefully) the spin crew to work harder than we might have done!


September is also a big month for SMASH, with more of our plans and ideas being put into action and firmed up. As you saw from our email last week we have 5 SMASH Discovery sessions lined up as well as our brand new “SMASH – the ultimate challenge” session scheduled in for November. As we always say… EVERYONE is welcome – so why not forward this email on? We have created some facebook events, and added the dates to our website… maybe invite friends to these? We are posting on Instagram… why not tag a colleague or two?... Pass on the SMASH joy!


Enjoy the rest of your Sunday and have a great week! 

Sam & Ashley