Sometimes it’s just best to voice what you are feeling...

Here is Lucy's experience with mental health...

I would say I don’t really suffer from mental illness but I do have people in my life that suffer from mental illness so I find that I need to take extra care of myself ... one of my oldest secondary school friends who I have known for 13 years suffers from epilepsy but also anxiety and depression, our friendship was never the best but I always noticed when she was not ok 

I always tried and be there for her either going out with her or just talking to her to make she was ok but wasn’t until I found out that was actively finding support groups to help find a job and she went to one group and they helped her with finding her a job, and then all of a sudden she Invited me to a graduation and I see her speaking in public and I was omg she never does anything like but as someone who has known for soooo long it’s safe to say now I believe she is living her best life and she’s more happier to be around. 

So I believe that if you have a friend or family that suffers from it they may find outside help someone who doesn’t know you/them would feel better talking them....however sometimes it’s just best to voice what you are feeling etc to people you love than keeping it is the best ... it may be hurtful but sometimes you have to say it because it makes you feel better like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders.

However one thing is for sure never use it against them you have to be open minded to how they feel.

Thank you Lucy, you are amazing! 

Sam & Ash