Big positive love....

The next three contributions were a little shorter so here is are some words from Estelle, Kay and Steven. Thank you guys xx 

Mental wellbeing means to me being in harmony with who I am -and this in my personal and professional life. 

Since the past three years, I realize that go through different stages in life, some more challenging than the others. So, it's important for me to questioning myself, to constantly look for opportunities to become the best version of myself. Mental wellbeing is high when I am proud of what I accomplish and what I am 

Just my little tip! Having 3 family members have breakdowns and someone very close to me take their own life and one try to do this but luckily survived I like to keep my mind in check.

There is a line from a Bob Dylan song called Times they are a changin that has a line that says ‘you better start swimming or you’ll sink like a stone’ that helps raise me up when my positivity starts to sink. 

A great mindful book The Monk that sold his Ferrari by Robin Sharma has a chapter about seeing your mind like a garden. Weed out the negative thoughts and water the positive ones.

Most of all follow your heart, be you and surround yourself with cheer leaders! Steve Jobs hits the nail on the head with this quote: Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.

Big positive love to you both and keep raising people’s vibes to be a better version of themselves!

(Posted on instagram a few weeks ago)

Today is national selfie day, so here’s a basic gym mirror selfie🤳 

Six months ago, when I was not at my best, my therapist recommended me to subscribe to gym, buy groceries in advance to cook dinners, make plans, re-organise my life, tick the box of everything I wanted to do but pretended I didn’t had the time to. It was about getting out of that infinite wheel of “feeling low and not knowing why but not doing anything about it” and making little things that seems pointless but does make a difference on how it would make you feel once you’ve tried it. I’ve subscribed, attended - and probably annoyed you with selfies about it - and I’ve never felt that good with myself. Since the very first times i’ve done classes or for a run, I could clearly feel better, accomplished, proud of myself and all the anxiety / stress and else would also be gone. It was one of the most helpful thing I could do at the time for my mental health. People have been judging me (because they’ll always do) saying “So you’re a gym queen now and just want to have a nice body to get all the guys” - i’m actually doing this for myself, it’s my moment where i’m focusing on me, self care, getting to know and accept your body, work with it and also getting stronger. I’m not doing this for anyone else but me. Others said to me “I don’t know where you find the time to go every day I’d rather have a life” - 1h a day at the gym is probably less than the time a day you’ll be scrolling through your instagram feed, so maybe think about it. 🧡 Life should never be a competition but yet still an everyday battle journey through emotions. 

Also wanted to also say a big thank you to the amazing bunch of people around me for being the best friends I could hope for, who’ve been here for me, supporting me, and helping me probably without even knowing it, that are as important as that new routine/gym 

I’m a bit late in the game as Mental Health Awareness month was May, but there never should be a specific time to open up and talk about it. Now everyone takes a moment to be proud of themselves and what they’ve accomplished in their lives even the smallest things. ️ And let the gym selfies be.

Thanks all!

Sam & Ash