Time for a challenge... or three!

Happy Saturday all!

We hope you have all had a great week... it has certainly started to feel like winter, getting dark earlier and plenty of sniffles going around - but in SMASH world we have been buzzing!

Our latest SMASH Discovery was so much fun, and we launched our brand new class based around the number 7, which some of you will get to experience in one of our lunchtime slots very soon 

We have been getting more messages from you guys about your mental health experiences and how the stories from the SMASH community have touched you. It makes us so proud and, as we have always said, we want to make mental health a subject that is open and easy to talk about... no matter your situation.

As we mentioned previously... both of the SMASH team have signed up to a marathon in April - Sam is doing the Brighton marathon, and Ash will be doing the London marathon (his first ever!). A few weeks before a full marathon is always a good opportunity to enter a half marathon race and we found one in the shape of the "London half"... a half marathon around the Olympic park. Our challenge to you guys is to JOIN US!!

At the beginning of the year we set you the challenge to join us in the Vitality 10k... now the next step is double the distance!! We will both be training regularly ourselves, so you are welcome to join us for some moral support! 

If running is not your thing, don't worry, we have a slightly shorter challenge for you - how does 90 minutes of exercise sound? Ok... lets say 3 lots of 30 minutes of exercise? Sound a bit more manageable? On Saturday 3rd November we are launching our newest addition to the SMASH portfolio - "The Ultimate Challenge". Just like Discovery it will be a private class starting at 9am, £10 for the class or £20 for any 3 of our Saturday morning classes. 

The class will be 90 minutes in total with 3 very different 30 minute sections. We will be working together to challenge ourselves, to challenge each other and to challenge the mind! - It will be suitable for ALL levels, will be different from any class you have done before and really will be a great, positive start to your weekend!!

Message us to book your space - we also have a Facebook event set up so that you can share with everybody that you know!! As usual non members are also welcome! 

For the very short term we have one final challenge... Over the weekend we would like you to compliment somebody - either in real life when you see them, or on social media on one of their posts... ideally someone that you wouldn't necessarily compliment on an average day - maybe even a stranger! 

Enjoy your week and have a great weekend 

Sam & Ash