Balance is the Key to Everything...

Hi everyone

Ash here. 

How was your week? More importantly, how balanced was your week? Were you able to take time to rest? Exercise? Meditate? Catch up with loved ones? Relax? 

I ask because this week I am reflecting on my 'buzz' word for the year - balance. In January, both Sam and I chose a 'buzz' word that we would use to remind ourselves of what our goal and intention was for 2018. I chose balance and here is a little reminder of why I chose that from the email sent 3rd January...

BALANCE - my 2017 was amazing because I stepped out of my comfort circle and put a lot of my thoughts in to action - teaching classes, SMASH, running, more mindfulness....getting married! This year I know I need to be a bit more balanced and have some more time to read, relax and do even more mindfulness! I will be channelling a lot of energy in to work and SMASH but as I spent a lot of time building my foundations in 2017, I feel confident that I can be a bit more balanced in 2018 by sensibly building on what has already been created. Last year I said yes a lot, this year I will not be afraid to say no (as long as I am doing it only because it serves my buzz word!).

I have definitely managed to achieve a sense of balance in all areas of my life - although it hasn't always been easy! I will always be someone that will typically take on more than I should at times but I have learnt to say no when I need to - even when I have been very tempted to say yes! I feel that I have a better understanding of how important rest is to me and how beneficial it is if I am to be the best version of myself when I am working, instructing or being a good friend/husband! I listened to a great masterclass on the Calm app called The Power of Rest by Dr. Alex Pang (author of the book Rest) and this reaffirmed why rest is so vital for everyone to achieve balance and success. Whenever we are busy at work or managing the daily stress that life can bring, rest is normally the aspect of our life that suffers and I feel that, through my focus of balance this year, I have been able to incorporate rest in to my daily to-do list to ensure I don't suffer. Of course, there have been times when I have lost focus and the balance scale has tipped to one side (normally work!) but, because of my goals, I have been able to recognise when this is happening and balance the scales again.

It's true that I am busier than ever! SMASH is continuing to grow and work in general is busy, busy, busy! My mental health needs extra care and attention at the moment but only because I have made some very big decisions for the future (all will be announced soon, and all are good!) so it's natural when you make decisions like this that your anxiety will shift up a gear and the noise in your head will go in to overdrive! This is why I will forever be grateful that I discovered mindfulness. Without it, I would not be able to take such huge leaps forward in my work life and continue the journey of chasing my dreams. As I always say, mindfulness doesn't 'fix' your problems but it will certainly help nurture and nourish your mind so that you are able to find the balance you need to make sound decisions and react to life the best way you can. Without mindfulness I do not feel I would be able to create balance. Awareness helps me achieve balance and mindfulness helps keep my eyes, ears and mind open...

'Balance is the key to everything. What we do, think, say, eat, feel, they all require awareness and through this awareness we can grow' - Koi Fresco

Now, even more so, is when I need to address the balance in my life again if I am to continue to develop, grow and get stronger physically and mentally. The next few months will be extremely busy because........something big is coming in 2019 for me (watch this space!). 

Have you chosen a buzz word yet to help keep you grounded, focused and primed to achieve whatever goals or intentions you currently have? Let us know what word you have chosen and let's talk about it when we next see each other. 

Look after yourself. 

Sam and Ash