The 2nd New Year

Hi everyone!

Ash here 

September has well and truly arrived and in the fitness industry we call this time of year 'The 2nd New Year'. At this time we have a similar buzz in gyms to that which we find in January and February - members setting themselves new goals, re-discovering motivation and setting a routine they can keep to by building habits.

All the way back in January we talked about the importance of building foundations and how crucial this is when setting goals - whatever these may be. We intentionally avoided the often used message of 'New Year, New Me' because we felt it sets an impression that you have to completely overhaul everything about your life to be happier. This is unrealistic and unnecessary

and most people are then left with feelings of low self worth and failure when the goal they set doesn't materialise fast enough (or at all). What's most important whenever you want to make any changes to your life (and we appreciate that these changes can be small or big!) is to lay down or improve foundations. Fundamentally, what do you need to do to be in the best position possible to achieve your goals? 

Remember that every day is an opportunity to set new goals (if you feel like it!), you don't have to wait for January or 'The 2nd New Year'. Each moment of every day you have the power and potential to set goals or challenges, or make small changes to improve your physical and mental wellbeing. Today's Daily Calm on the Calm app was titled Planting and was fundamentally about roots and foundations. Towards the end of the meditation Tamara (the meditation guide) spoke about the importance of understanding that, for us to thrive, we have to nourish and care for our roots and foundations. She used the analogy of an apple tree and said that to enjoy the sweetness of the apples you first have to plant the seed of the tree, nourish the seedling, protect it during storms, allow time for the tree to grow strong and not to rush when it comes to picking the fruit. When it comes to our own goals we have to be realistic and smart, and allow time. We have to be understanding and caring, even when 'storms' hit, and we have to make sure we don't rush too fast that we forget to enjoy the journey and process - always be mindful. The stronger your foundations, the more likely you are to achieve your goals or be ready to change your goals if needed. The stronger your foundations, the more likely you are to enjoy the  journey and thrive throughout. The stronger your foundations, the more likely you are to have a positive mindset. What do you need to do to make sure your roots and foundations are healthy and strong?...

In January we asked you to set up a 'buzz' word for the rest of the year, a word you could use as a reminder of what's needed to help you be the strongest version of yourself and stay on track with your goal setting (because we all drift off from time to time!). Do you remember what you chose? Sam's buzz word was FOCUS and mine was BALANCE. In the next two emails we will be writing about our year so far and how our buzz words have helped. At the end of the month we will be offering further top tips as to how you can set goals mindfully and realistically, whilst always looking after your physical and mental health 

Don't forget that SMASH Discovery returns next Saturday 15th September. 90 minutes of wellbeing training, looking after your body and mind, and open to anyone! Maybe this is a great opportunity to take yourself out of your comfort zone and try something new? Maybe there is someone you could bring who is struggling at the moment and needs some guidance on how to protect their mental health? Maybe you want a great start to your weekend where you will feel calm, strong and ready to smash Saturday and Sunday?! Whatever your reason, make the commitment to come along and see how this could be the best 90 minutes of your month  The cost is just £10 per person (and remember you can purchase 3 sessions for just £20 so you can attend more Discoveries throughout the year!) and the start time is 9am at Fitness First Angel. 

We hope that your year has been a great one so far but we understand that, for most of us, just like life in general, it will have been filled with ups, downs and everything in-between. Wherever you are right now, physically and mentally, ask yourself what you are able to do within your control to be the best possible version of yourself. Do you need to build new foundations or spend some time strengthening what you already have? Whatever your response, ultimately it's looking after your body and mind that matters most... and we know a great class for that! 

Sam and Ash

P.S. We both use the Calm app to practise our mindfulness and highly recommend it! There are other great apps out there though so find one that works for you and try to practise as often as you can - it really is worth it! After all, I've never heard someone say they wished they had never started mindfulness practice...