We need your help!

Hello everyone!

We are sending the weekend email out earlier than normal because next week you will be getting a daily dose of SMASH emails  As it is World Mental Health Awareness Day on Wednesday, and SMASH is all about physical and mental wellbeing, throughout the week we will be sharing personal stories regarding mental health and our perspective on this vast subject. On Monday Ash will be sharing his own personal mental health journey, followed by Sam on Tuesday, as we passionately believe that mental health and wellbeing is something we need to discuss as often and openly as possible...

On World Mental Health Awareness Day Wednesday we will be holding an extra SMASH class at 12:15pm which we hope as many of you as possible will come along to (you will be able to book via the CORE app)! We will also be sending out another email and this is where we need YOU! We want to share as many stories about mental wellbeing as possible. Each of you will have had different experiences, both yourself and with those closest to you, so we are asking you to bravely share those experiences with us. It can be a sentence or a short paragraph (around 10 lines). If you want to write more, go for it! We can then discuss how we use it and we can post your story/comments anonymously if you wish. We would like to know what mental wellbeing means to you? What is your own experience? What has helped you in the past and what do you do now to look after your mental health? What could we as a society do better to make it easier to discuss our mental health? You don't have to touch on all of these points, the main thing is that you share something (if you can) for others to read. We promise you that whatever you write will probably help at least one person who reads it, and that has to be worth it  So have a think and don't worry if you are concerned that you are not a natural writer - send what you can and we can go from there. It would be amazing if we could get all responses by Monday night so that it gives us time to put Wednesday's email together...

Don't forget that next Saturday 13th is SMASH Discovery number 5! We will be launching our brand new SMASH class so make sure you are there to experience it first, we think it's something special! We have two time slots (9am and 2pm) so if you wish to book on to either, please reply with which time is best for you. The morning session is booking fast so don't wait too long! Remember, anyone can come (including non members) and the cost is £10 per person for the complete 90 minute session (this includes the 30 minute mental wellbeing Discovery session). If you haven't tried Discovery yet, what are you waiting for?! World Mental Health Awareness Week is the perfect opportunity to put your own mental wellbeing at the top of your priority list. 

Find out more about SMASH Discovery here!

We hope you have a great weekend guys. No matter how good, bad or anything in-between it has been, remember that today is a new day filled with endless opportunity to be happy - go seize it! 

Sam and Ash

P.S. Don't forget to book Wednesday's one-off SMASH class!