Kindness Nourishes your Mind...

Hi everyone, Ash here .

'No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted' - Aesop

This is one of our favourite sayings and is something we have used many times before. We had a big focus on kindness earlier on in the year, we even had a week of kindness where we focused on a different act of kindness each day. Kindness can be shown and expressed in many different ways and, most importantly, it can be the reason that someone smiles on a bad day.

One of my new year's resolutions this year was based on the act of mindful giving. For many years I have donated to several charities each month but this year I wanted to increase my mindful giving as I was inspired by my local supermarket last Christmas. There was a trolley placed at the exit that was asking for food donations for families who needed some extra help over the Christmas period. I felt inspired to fill a basket with as much food as I could to place in the trolley and, when I did drop it in, I felt pretty amazing knowing I was helping where I could. Having experienced financial hardship as a child I felt especially connected to this act of giving and I decided that I would see if it was something I could do regularly. I asked one of the employees if they did other collections and they said that the Samaritans did a weekly food drop EVERY week in the supermarket - how had I missed this before?! At that point I decided that every time I would go to the supermarket, even if just for a loaf of bread, I would have to buy something to place in the Samaritan's trolley. I checked to see what items they needed most and I'm happy to say that I have always remembered to do this throughout the year! I'm not telling you this because I want praise for doing a 'good deed', I'm telling you because every time I went shopping it reminded me how fortunate I am that I can enter a supermarket and buy anything I need. That I was in a position that I could, through kindness, help others who needed extra support at that particular time. Being generous when you are able to can also act as a reminder that nothing can be taken for granted but, mostly, kindness nourishes your mind.

I'm sure many of you are doing something similar in some way or another - have you taken a moment to offer yourself some kind words in recognition of your generous soul? 

My challenge to you today is to offer some kindness to someone important to you. Why not message them and ask what their charity of choice is? When they ask why, tell them how much they mean to you and to show your gratitude you are donating an amount on their behalf (whatever you can afford!).

I'll start...

Sam, what's your favourite charity? You have inspired me so much this week with our SMASH meetings and have made me laugh a lot through our shared silliness! I'm very grateful for you and all the joy you bring to my life so tell me the charity and I'll donate £10 today... what is important to you, is important to me .

We've said it before but acts of kindness really do send out ripples that will touch more people than you will ever know. It makes them feel amazing, but it also warms your own heart. I guess I could say 'two birds, one stone' etc., but I'm vegan, so I won't .

Have an amazing weekend guys, I hope it's filled with lots of kindness. You, and your loved ones, deserve it .

Sam and Ash