Clear the mind

Hey all Sam here for your Saturday SMASH email! Hopefully this weekend will give you time to rest and reflect… or to be productive and proactive. Either way we hope it is good!!


Following from Wednesdays email -  Ash talked about being a low on energy and a little run down… I also wanted to share some of my January. This time of year, in the gym especially, is always very full on – lots of people with new year resolutions, whether it is fitness related or general work/life goals. Even if you try to avoid it, you are likely to get caught up in a flurry of extra motivated and potentially extra stressed people which can affect how you feel.


This may sound strange, but for me, over the last couple of weeks I’ve felt very low but high energy at the same time… I can feel that my body is tired as it gets back into the post-December routine; however I feel that working on my mental health before “needing” to has kept my mind clear and has left me feeling extra positive and excited about the remainder of the year. Any niggles are written down and thrown away; and every day I have been focusing my thoughts into a list to “download” from my brain.


My buzz word which I shared with you at the beginning of the month is FOCUS – something that has really benefitted me so far. I’ve applied it to many aspects of my life; mostly in relation to mindfulness.


One of my favourite exercises is to write as if it is a week or a month from now. 

Why don’t you try it….


27th Feb 2018 – This has been an amazing month, I’m so happy at how fun SMASH has been and encouraged by the commitment from our SMASH community. I have been eating really well and training hard without over-doing it. I have awesome clients who are working hard and inspire me every day. I have made time for friends and allowed a good work-life balance with plenty of mindfulness practice.


This is a little example but be as specific as you can and the universe may be good to you! As I’ve mentioned before I like the power of three… as we come to the end of January, what three things can you leave behind; and what were your three favourite things that you can take forward into February? Clear the mind and start a fresh day/week/month!


What foundations have been put down this January that will be built upon through the rest of the year? If you have been joining our running club (well done to the guys who came in torrential rain this Wednesday) – keep on coming! If not why not try it. For those who have signed up to do the Vitality 10k with us in May, aim for 3 little runs a week. They don’t need to be longer than 30 minutes, but one longer and two shorter will benefit you in the long run.



Have an amazing weekend and we will see you soon.


Sam & Ashley


.S up!!!