Create a ripple...

Happy Saturday, Ash here 


I am back after an amazing honeymoon in Cape Town! I had an incredible time and did lots of great things such as visiting the gorgeous winelands, trekking up to the highest point of Table Mountain and abseiling down part of it  (check out our Instagram page @smashlondon for my story on facing that fear!). I fell in love with penguins on the beach and enjoyed amazing food  Some of you may know I am a vegetarian, but since the beginning of January I have been moving more towards a vegan lifestyle and can now say that at least 90% of my food choices are vegan  South Africa is well known for it's love of meat so we thought it may be difficult to find much choice for our plant based lifestyle, but we found 2 amazing vegan restaurants (Plant and The Hungry Herbivore) and the food was so delicious! It reconfirmed that we are doing the right thing for us by going vegan, not only because I am passionate about animals rights but also because of the benefit to the environment a vegan lifestyle has.


Which leads me nicely on to the next point...


Cape Town is currently suffering it's worst drought in history and the signs of that are everywhere with restrictions in place. They currently have a countdown to 'Day Zero' which is when they will have no choice but to turn the taps off and all residents would be forced to collect their water from water stations around the city - this is scheduled for July this year unless they get much needed rain between now and then. If this happens Cape Town will be the first major city in the world to declare that they have no water and the locals there are already preparing for this eventuality. You could genuinely sense the worry and panic Cape Town residents have about this 


Our world is an incredible place and being in Cape Town was further proof of that - it is absolutely stunning watching the sunset from Table Mountain! We need to offer more kindness to our planet and all the animals, trees and plants we share it with. We need to make the effort to make better choices and be wise when we are using the valuable resources available to us - the past 10 days certainly made me realise how much I take fresh water being available to me for granted!


I know a lot of us are already great at doing 'our bit' but the past 10 days certainly showed me that I need to get better! Whether it is recycling, going vegan for a day, switching the lights off when not in use or turning the tap off while you brush your teeth, every small action creates a ripple that has the power to spread far and wide


Offer kindness to this amazing earth we are lucky to call home


Can't wait to see some of you next week in SMASH!!


Sam and Ash


P.S. If any of you have recommendations for vegan restaurants in London, please let me know!