Day 4 - Be kind to yourself...

Morning everyone!


We are half way through our 7 Days of Kindness challenge and we have had some lovely feedback so far, thank you 


Here is a quick reminder of what the week has looked like (remember you can do any of these whenever you want!) -


Day 1 - Compliment someone


Day 2 - Reconnect with someone


Day 3 - Make yourself available


And so we arrive at Day 4!.....


 Write down 3 amazing things about YOU 


The 7 Days of Kindness challenge is as much about being kind to yourself as it is for others, so it is important that we take time to remind ourselves just how great we are! If you naturally struggle to compliment yourself, ask someone close to you what it is they admire about you and what your strengths are. This can take a bit of courage but we are pretty confident you will feel amazing afterwards! Of course, you can then share the kindness and tell them what you admire and respect about them also 


Be kind to yourself. You are amazing. You are good enough. You are worth it. 


Enjoy everything Thursday has to offer!