Day 7 - Kind to ourselves, kind to others...

Hello everyone, Ash here 


We have arrived at Day 7 in the 7 Days of Kindness challenge -


 Have the best day!  


The final day is about being as kind as possible to yourself and this sometimes means making the time to do it! Today we want you to set aside at least half an hour to read that book, speak to that friend you keep meaning to call, have that long soak in the bath, start that running challenge, bake a cake or have a nap! You get the picture - be kind to yourself in whatever way you need to today! You deserve all the happiness in the world and it is important we take the time to offer ourselves the same kindness we give to others. It goes without saying that the happier we are, the kinder we are to others


Thank you to those that have shared their thoughts on the 7 Days of Kindness challenge. We have loved receiving the positive and constructive feedback and, even if you weren't able to do the challenges that were set each day, we know that it has at least had us all thinking about kindness a little more - which can only be a good thing! 


Our kindness focus will continue until the end of February so continue keeping it at the forefront of your mind. Throw kindness around like confetti and truly enjoy the effect it has on your nearest and dearest, strangers and... you 


Sam and Ash