Rome wasn't built in a day...

Hello everyone, Ash here 


January 31st, one month of the year already completed and the foundations for a successful 2018 have been set!


Haven't they?...


I guess all of us are on our own amazing journey, and each of us will have had a different kind of January, so what could you do if the foundations you need aren't as strong as you would like?


Acceptance - do you need to accept that your foundations are going to take longer to become stable? I mentioned last week that we are always a work in progress so don't always expect your foundations to be perfect. Accept your limitations, doubts and insecurities but embrace your willpower, strength and determination and if you need more time to get stability, then that is ok! After all, as the old proverb goes, Rome wasn't built in a day...


Repair - do your foundations need a fix-up? Acknowledge what you need to continue to do, or stop doing, to be as strong as possible. Write down what is and isn't serving you and make changes where possible. This can't all be done at once but every small step in the right direction will repair and cement your foundations.


Start again - this may be controversial but sometimes you just have to accept that you need to start again! I am certainly not advocating giving up at the first hurdle, or being unnecessarily selfish, but sometimes foundations can be so unstable that you just have no option but to start from scratch. And you know what, that is ok too. Smash down the foundations already built, retain what is worth keeping, scrap anything that doesn't serve you anymore and start again. You are in control, do what it takes to be happy and be the best version of yourself.


All of you reading this will be feeling a different way. To those of you who have started 2018 generally strong and in control, congratulations! It takes time and effort to be truly happy in both body and mind and is continuously something we have to keep working on. To those who need a bit more support, reach out and do what it takes. Review and reflect and involve those who can help with whatever is needed. Lets be honest, the strongest quake will always be able to rattle our foundations. What we are trying to do is ensure that when the quake hits we know how to move with it and, though we will often be shaken, we have the foundations to stay strong, rebuild and repair. 


Our world is an amazing place and we all have the opportunity to do great things when we take care of our body and mind. What will you continue to do or change to stand tall on solid foundations?


See you in February, where we will be exploring kindness 


Sam and Ash