Hi everyone, Ash here 


I hope this week is being kind to you! 


How are you feeling this Valentine's Day? I know that this day can bring all sorts of strange feelings and emotions and the first thing I always suggest when we find ourselves feeling any kind of emotion is to accept and be at one with it, happy or sad. Try to acknowledge all of the love that surrounds you. In the SMASH emails and classes we often talk about gratitude and the importance of trying to practise this every day, so why not use today to list everything you love - family, friends, partner, hobbies, work, holidays.... the list could go on! Why not message those friends and family and tell them how grateful you are for them and how much their love means to you?  


Today will be amazing for some and for others it will be treated like every other Wednesday! If you know anyone who has recently gone through a break up or loss, today would be an especially good day to reach out to them and express your own love for them. I remember three years ago I had been single for a few months following a sad breakup and on Valentine's Day a good friend brought me a tiny teddy with a heart on to let me know she loved me. Despite not being a teddy person () the gesture meant the world at the time and that little teddy is still sat on my desk at work! It reminds me that, although I am now the happiest I have ever been, there was a time when life was not so great and it was hard to smile. Thanks to the kindness of those loved ones around me, I had the space to grow and move on and let happiness find me again  So whatever state of mind you find yourself in today, try to offer yourself and those you love as much kindness as possible. Never underestimate the power you have to help someone smile - even if only for a brief, beautiful moment.


Every love story should be celebrated, so for me personally I would like to give a shout-out to the biggest and best love stories in my life - Simon, Mum, my best friends (you know who you are!) and ME - Happy Valentine's Day!! I love you 


Who are your shout-out's for?...


Have an amazing day!


Sam and Ash