Sprinkle that stuff everywhere...

Good morning guys, Sam and Ash here!


As usual, with a new month comes a new focus, so today will be your introduction to... KINDNESS.

Think for a second now, what does the word kindness mean to you? 


During February we will share our thoughts and tips on what kindness really means to each of us. Performing a random act of kindness for somebody can change their view of the world, while having somebody say something kind to you can change your mood for the day! Throughout the month we will explore and understand how acts of kindness have been shown to improve mental health and wellbeing for all involved. Most importantly, we will see why being kinder to yourself is something most of us need to get better at to really enjoy everything life has to offer 


Here is where it gets exciting for us and we really hope you embrace the next part of the email....


Starting on Monday 5th February we are asking you to involve yourself in our '7 days of Kindness' challenge. Everything will become clearer on Monday when we send you a short email, followed by an email every day next week to make sure the challenge comes alive! Our hope is that you trust us and keep your eyes, mind and heart open to trying something new  


'In a world where you can be anything, be kind'. We are all capable of spreading kindness every day, join us next week and let's sprinkle that stuff everywhere! 


Sam and Ash


P.S. Have an amazing weekend! Look after your mind and body and treat yourself to all the happiness and kindness you deserve!