It starts with us...

Hi everyone 


We hope you are having a great week so far and that the cold weather isn't being too unkind! Spring is on the way so try to be mindful of the seasons and enjoy this last little blast of winter 


Today marks the last day of February and our focus of kindness so here is a little recap of what we talked about this month -


 Kindness to strangers and the power this has to lift your own mental well-being 


 Reconnecting with old friends and loved ones, making yourself available 


 The kindness shown in giving something back (to charity, local communities etc.) 


 Shout-outs to your nearest and dearest, telling them how much you love and appreciate them 


 Using any opportunity that comes your way to be a good human by showering kindness everywhere 


 Recognising the kindness in everybody 


 Being kind to this amazing world we call home 


 Offering kindness to yourself and appreciating all the amazing things that make you so perfect 



Kindness is one of the greatest qualities you possess, something we are all capable of offering every single day. There is no limit to the amount of kindness you can offer, no restriction on the amount you can receive! We have the capability in all of us to really make a difference in this world... and it starts with kindness! On Saturday we spoke about creating ripples and how those ripples spread far and wide - never underestimate where your kindness spreads to. We will sometimes never truly know the impact our kindness has on any given day, but if we are aware from the moment we wake up that our kindness will have far reaching, positive effects then surely it is something we can all do more of? 


We can build a kingdom of kindness, it is there for the taking and it is a world filled with everything we ever wanted. 


It starts with us.


Be kind 


Sam and Ash