Stretch for the stars...

Hi guys


We hope you are having a productive week so far  


Have you made it to SMASH or done any exercise this week? Have you taken some time out to do a short meditation? If not, are you able to make a commitment to do something later today or tomorrow? Check out the class timetable, go for a short walk/run or head to the Calm app and take 10 minutes to calm the mind. Every minute you spend making yourself stronger is a minute best spent...


As part of foundation building, we wanted to take the opportunity in this week's email to discuss the importance of doing a proper warm up and cool down, as well as trying to include general stretching in to your daily routine. Both of us have struggled in the past to give this part of our training the focus it really deserves but, when it comes to training the body and mind, stretching is fundamental to building solid foundations. We always include a warm up and cool down in every class we teach (both SMASH and our individual classes) and always suggest to continue stretching in the shower, at your desk  and before/after sleep. The body is put through a lot of stress throughout the day and modern living is causing us to sit and stand in positions the body wasn't really designed for! Here are some top tips to help get stretching in to your daily routine -


- Choose a time each day you can commit to just 5 minutes of stretching at home, great first thing in the morning but last thing at night can also help relax you and get to sleep faster. 


- Invest in a stretching mat so that stretching becomes enjoyable! Amazon have a great variety available and they are not too expensive.


- Head to Youtube and search for meditation or yoga music. Or, as we both do, listen to positive affirmations - you will be surprised how much these can change your mood!


- If you are stuck for ideas, download a stretching or yoga app and follow the Instructor (maybe one day we will make a stretching video ourselves...when we are brave enough - something to tick off our comfort circle list! ).


- Keep the stretches basic to begin with and always make sure you are not holding your breath! Stretching is a great way to clear the mind so focus on your breath as much as the stretch itself.


- If anything hurts - stop! Check with an expert if you feel something isn't quite right.


- Invest in a foam roller or massage ball - these are especially great for runners and anyone working out hard!


- Most importantly, enjoy it and use it to relax or waken the body and calm the mind 


As with anything, the more you continue to do it the more it becomes habit  Keep your foundations strong to support the hard work that daily life brings!


Enjoy the rest of the week and, above all else, keep being amazing 


Stretch for the stars!


Sam and Ash