"Where is that inner child that used to love life so much? It's time to reconnect...Happiness and success depend on the child that you still carry within" - Roxana Jones


Happy Wednesday guys!


Following on from Monday's class 'Playground' we wanted to discuss briefly how important it is that we embrace the child within, that person we were before we allowed barriers stand in our way, and how this links up to mindfulness. You see, a part of mindfulness is about living in the present moment. Being truly awake and aware of your surroundings, emotions and the people around you. It is about understanding that, although we learn from the past and can plan for the future, ultimately we need to spend more time enjoying right now,  making this moment count and letting tomorrow be amazing because we looked after today.


Luckily, for most of us, childhood was a time where we could be ourselves - we didn't have to pretend to be someone else! We focused on having fun at every available moment and we lived each day as if we knew it was filled with endless opportunity. We learnt from our mistakes but didn't dwell on them, we got excited about events coming up tomorrow but quickly returned to enjoying today! We laughed, cried and loved with all of the potential within us...


We all know that adulthood requires us to act like a 'grown up' but by being mindful you can bring out that inner child when possible. Ask questions, love like it's the first time, express your disappointment if needed, approach tasks with a 'can do' attitude and smile when something brings you joy. We often say that the days, weeks, months and years are flying by. Maybe if we are a little more mindful we may find that time slows down just a little so that we can enjoy more moments as they arise. Be present, enjoy the moment and be inquisitive. What would your 7 year old self do?...


We had lots of fun on Monday with the Playground class and we saw the inner child shine in all of you! Set them free sometimes and see the joy it brings 


"Above all, never let age extinguish the fire of your inner child" S. Ajna


Have an amazing rest of your week 


Sam and Ash