Food choices...

Hi everyone, happy Saturday!


We both hope you had a great week 


April is almost over so here is a summary of everything we have spoken about this month in regards to our focus of Nutrition...


80/20. We suggested that the 80/20 rule is something that works well for most people, eating relatively healthy 80% of the time means that the other 20% won't have too much of a negative effect.


Mindful about the media - don't believe everything you read or see! Try to research and look for unbiased studies regarding nutrition when you make a decision about any particular diet or lifestyle you are thinking of following.


Advertising and Marketing - we discussed how you can best avoid all of the marketing and brand traps that are used to seduce us to make unhealthy choices and buy more than we need!


Mindful eating and how much better it is for you to really see, smell and taste your food when eating. You will enjoy your food so much more!


Hydration - water is vital for our survival and a lot of us don't drink enough! Just upping your intake by half a litre a day can have a positive impact on your appetite and mood.


Specific diets and lifestyles - we shared our our own personal journey with nutrition and how we have both arrived at the current 'diet'/lifestyle we follow (Sam - Keto and Ashley - Vegan).


We know many of you are following different diet plans and lifestyles whereas some of you maybe don't pay too much attention to the choices you are making. We owe it to our amazing bodies to look after them and nutrition has a huge part to play in this. Food choices effect our physical and mental health so it is always worth taking some time to find what works for you. Do your research and ask questions so you know that you are giving yourself the best opportunity to be healthy and happy. We never advocate becoming obsessed with food and nutrition, and we are very aware that some people have had bad relationships with diets and nutrition in the past, but it is always important to know and understand what you are putting in to your body and the effect it can have on our wellbeing. 


Look after yourself 


Sam and Ash