Spread the word...

Hi everyone 


Most of you attend our SMASH classes and we are very proud to see how much stronger you are all becoming as the weeks go by, especially with some of those exercises you had never done before! Speed, flexibility, mental strength, agility, endurance - all of you are smashing the classes in your own way and we hope that you feel the benefits elsewhere in your lives - work, home and play. 


A recent study of over 200,000 people by King's College London has found that, across all ages and regions, those engaging in 150 minutes of activity a week find their risk of depression falls by 22 - 31%. Activity doesn't have to be structured exercise either -  it can be walking, gardening or dancing etc. - but having some structure to your fitness lifestyle can help to create a habit and build strength across the whole body, both physically and mentally, and one of the best places to get this structure is at the gym or attending fitness classes. We know that there are many different reasons to 'work out' - building strength, changing body shape, managing stress and depression, taking time out of your day to focus on YOU, socialising... the list could go on! What is most important, and something we both firmly believe in, is that if you exercise just to feel amazing, healthy and strong, then all of the incredible benefits and results will follow naturally. 


So... we are asking you to spread the word! In keeping with our focus for this month, if you were to think of one person who you feel needs to be a little kinder to themselves and put a bit more focus on looking after their health, why not take this moment to offer some guidance or advice? We understand that it can be a sensitive subject, and we advise approaching with sensitivity, but we owe it to those we love to encourage anything that can make us all that little bit healthier and happier. Many people are afraid of exercise, or have had a bad experience in the past, so why not be the hand to hold to promote loving kindness and self care 


SMASH Discovery returns next Saturday 12th May at 9am! A 90 minute session to build a stronger body and mind, filled with lots of fun and in a relaxed environment, our aim is that you leave a Discovery session feeling empowered to make small changes to improve your overall wellbeing. The session is suitable for everyone and catered for all levels and only costs £5 per person. If you are interested, and want to bring someone along, email back or direct message us on Instagram. It's the best way to start your weekend!


Have an amazing Bank Holiday! Be kind to yourself and those around you and don't forget... spread the word! With just a few choice words or a hand to hold, never underestimate the power you have to help change someone's life for the better 


The time is now 


Sam and Ash