"What am I waiting for?"

Hi everyone 


We hope you have had a great week and were able to enjoy the amazing weather at some point! Thanks to the guys who came to SMASH on Friday, you really cracked The Final Countdown and looked strong! Also thanks to the guys who came to Eurovision Spin on Thursday!

And finally, a massive thanks to those who came to SMASH Discovery this morning - wow, wow, wow, what a workout!


We have some questions for you...


How many times have you said "I'm going to start that on Monday" or "That can wait until the weekend" or even "Next year I'll do it..."? Most of us can probably raise our hands and say we have done this more than once! As human beings, and with all the distractions we face, it is so easy to keep putting things off again and again. We know there are tasks that need to be completed, work to be finished or a decision to be made but it sometimes feels easier to put them off and decide that "I'll get that done tomorrow". What if you got it done today? What if that difficult decision didn't require more thinking so could be made right now? What if that fitness class could be attended this evening and not next week or next month?


The Time Is Now. 


It's perfectly normal to think rationally and carefully about some things, and this can take time, but generally a lot of what we put off in the present moment are things or decisions that can be made today


ight now even! We all know how productive it feels when we finally get around to doing what we have been putting off, and most of us have said at some point "I should have just done it sooner!". Making decisions sooner and acting quicker has been proven to reduce feelings of anxiety and stress so in most cases it's something we should try to get better at 


Why not use this weekend to get something done that you have been putting off? It could be sorting the garden out


 calling that friend you keep meaning to. Maybe it's watching that TV show everyone is talking about?! Maybe it's something that requires a bit more strength and courage, like having a difficult conversation with someone or finally signing up to that course you have been looking at for the past year...


We are all guilty of pro-crastination, and it is natural that we will continue to do this at times, but sometimes we just have to take a deep breath, be a little more organised and ask ourselves "What am I waiting for?"


Take control and, big or small, get something ticked off your To-Do list today. You'll be happy about it tomorrow 


Enjoy the rest of your weekend and remember to be kind to yourself, you are pretty amazing


Sam and Ash



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