Re-set, Re-connect

Hey all!


Happy Tuesday... We are sending an early email as team SMASH are off on holidays bright and early tomorrow so wanted to send a final email before we go. Although we will continue to be active on social media, we'll take a little break from our SMASH newsletter until our return. We are very much using this week to re-set, re-connect and to brainstorm the future of SMASH, ready to officially launch year 2 this summer!


While we are away our SMASH HIIT and Run classes (16th and 17th July) will not be on but all other classes will be running with some of our fabulous colleagues... so be nice to them!


As our focus this month is positive affirmations we have a couple of challenges for you for the next week:


I AM STRONG - Do something new in your fitness routine. It could be trying a new class, adding extra weights to your bar or doing an additional gym floor workout to challenge your body a little bit more.


I AM GRATEFUL - Make a list of at least FIVE things in your life that you are thankful for. You can do this all at once, or maybe one or two things a day.


I AM DETERMINED - Think of a task you have been putting off and DO IT!... maybe a work task, maybe contact a relative or friend that you have not been in touch with recently, or maybe it's finally signing up for that 10km you have been putting off (ahem


I AM MINDFUL - We have been using our 10 minute "Daily Calm" meditations at the end of our lunch time classes and as part of our SMASH Discovery classes. Carry this on by doing your own meditation. There are so many free 10 minute videos on YouTube, including a sample from the Calm app... give it a go!


I AM... - Our final challenge is to think of (or look up) an affirmation that you can relate to and put it into practice. It can be as simple as "I am proud" or something more specific. Use your affirmation daily. Write it down, say it loud, think it while you are brushing your teeth!! 


We'll look forward to coming back with a bang! SMASH year 2 is coming very soon and you guys get to experience it first!! Have a great week and expect our next email on Saturday 21st.


We'll miss you!



Sam & Ashley